A Wedding With Obstacles  

(see Sylvie Pasche's story, Avis Favorable")


In the beginning was the telegram

“I arrive Saturday evening.

After five long months

It will be quite a reunion!





At the Mairie the gimpy one,  

The assistant of the two,  

Continues talking to the chief,

And the law also helps them

Because Peter is prestataire*,

He’s been mobilized. What more can one ask?

Ten days' time, but not to rest!

During that time we can do a lot,

But what?  They discuss back and forth:

“How about getting married”?

 A new obstacle on the path to the goal,  

“Certificate de domicile”.  

There’s a whole month missing here,

And the procureur will not give in.


Tuesday he goes to the Mairie:

"You need to get this translated,

Then come back with your bride

And we’ll marry you on Saturday."


It’s all over! you think.

No, it goes on, but how?


"If there were a nine right here,

Only three days would still be missing ..."

This first hurdle is thus overcome,

The solution has been quickly found.



The translation is soon had,

But suddenly the Chief says, "Wait!

I can’t consider you a soldier

And therefore there can be no wedding."

All's well with monsieur le préfet

And Friday they go on to the procureur.


The procureur is looking for trouble

And truly finds a nit to pick,

And this philistine demands  

Permission from the minister of war...

So he returns from the ministry with nothing.



It’s all over! you think.

No, it goes on, but how?


It’s all over! you think.

No, it goes on, but how?


                                        *military volunteer